Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are valid for purchase  made on  www.edenilluminazione.net owned by

EDEN 1971 S.R.L.

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EDEN 1971 S.R.L.  is official dealer of brands shown in homepage with logo. You can check it in dealer section (if any) on manufacturer website or writing to the manufacturers themselves.





All details shown in each item are taken from manufacturers catalogs, price lists and .


EDEN has no reponsability for manufacturer changes or mistake. For details check manufacturer's website.
Pictures are indicative only: it is recommended to read carefully all the details written in each itemproduct.
All products are new and sealed in their original packaging.
In section Specila Deals, products may be marked with the word ESPOSTO IN SHOWROOM. In this case lamp is shown in our showroom. For this we apply a  special discount. These items are NOT in their original packaging, but has teh same warranty as all the other items.



All prices are VAT INCLUDED

For each article there are two prices:
 - In blue the manufacturer's italian  pricelist
 - In red our discounted price.

There are special promotion with extra discount:
2% to reach € 1.500,00 vat included
3% to reach € 2.000,00 vat included
4% to reach € 3,000.00 including VAT

The extra discount is calculated automatically in the cart when you reach the ammount.
If only one lamp reaches  the extra discount, you can find it in the cart.



In each item it is shown if lamp is in stock or not. If not you find  the delay.


If lamp is available in more option you need to select the option to check availability.

Items could be:

If the item is in stock, it  is marked: Delivery time: 1 day / s
In this case carrier will collect the lamp within 1 business day, after we receive the payment.
If you need many pieces of the same items we suggest to contact us by phone or email to check the actual availability. If you don’t contact Eden 1971 S.R.L. has no responsability if  the quantity ordered is greater than the actual availability.

If there is a special limited promotion, valid only for the lamp in stock there is  Delivery time: 1 day / s, and then  a traffic light. If light is green the lamp is available. If it is red the lamp is not more available and it can not be provided since it is a special offer valid only until stocks are exhausted.

If you find 1 day * / i, the product is in stock in limited quantities.

Because availability can change continually you can  contact us by phone or by mail to check  the right availability.

 If the items are not  available you can find:
xx days: there is a temporary out of stock. The article is still managed in the warehouse. The written days show the delay after which the lamp will be ready for shipment. This means we have already sent order to the manufacturer and we’re waiting to receive the lamps.

xx ** day: the product is not managed in the warehouse. It will be available in the written days only if customer order it to us.  Delay is  are based on average manufacturer  delivery. 

If delay could become greater this is due to manufacturer delay. In this case we send a notification to the customer  including notification received from the manufacturer. 

EDEN 1971 S.R.L. has no reponsability in case of delay because it is shown that item is not in stock.   

If you don’t find availability written in the item description, dealy is 15 days

Lamps availability in section Special Deals is limited. If the item is marked 'Currently out of stock' it can not be purchased. The system itself prevents its purchase. The promotion shown is valid till item is in stock. 

The days shown are working days, from Monday to  Friday, excluding holidays .

Summer Holidays 2021

We are closed for summer holydays from 12.08.2021 to 25.08.2021

-Delivery time excludes period from 01.08.2021 to 30.08.2021-


The online availability is valid when you make the order.
If you don’t pay as soon s you make the order, you should check  the online availability before making the payment, or contact us by phone or email.

If you select to pay with bank transfer we require a copy of the transfer to process your order.if we don’t receive a copy of the bank transfer, the terms of delivery are the ones shown when we receive the payment in our bank account.
In this case the terms of delivery may be different from those shown when you made the order as confirmed orders have the priority.

If you select to pay with PayPal and transaction is ok,  order is processed.



The purchase is made directly online.


To order online:

1.  Select item and put and put it in basket , pressing the button  Add to Cart.
You can put the item into basket directly from the item list.  If the item is available in different version you need to enter into the itemdescription, select the version you are interested in, wait the page update the selected version and put it in the
The system put 1 piece. If you need more pieces you can change the quantity  put the number into the field quantity and press Update
If you need other items, follow the same action for all items

2.  Select in Delivery Method the country where delivery must be done and wait system updates the page.

3.  Select a payment method and wait while the system updates the page:
    • Bank Transfer: The system shows all our data bank. It is not necessary to take note because as soon as you complete the order you will receive an order confirmation by mail with all our bank details .
    • Credit Card:
        • Paypal
        • Virtual POS Cartasì
4.  Check if all details are right and click Complete Order

5.  Put all data for delivery and invoice

         a) Registered User
  You do not have to enter all the data, but login to your account and check all data are right and updated.

         b) New User
Write  carefully all required data.
  If you have an EU VAT ID  sure to include letter of the state in front of your VAT ID (eg IT00000000000). The system automatically checks the it in EU commisison. 

If you prefer you can put a different delivery address.

 6.  After you entered all data click Next

7. If you selected to pay by credit card with Cartasì Virtual POS, download the form and save it on your computer and click Next

8.  Accept our Terms and Conditions by clicking  I have read the contractual terms and conditions and accept them.
  If you have not read our Terms and Conditions read them carefully before accepting.
9.  Click Order

10.  The system will assign an order number and send you an order confirmation by mail.

 Check all data reported in Order Confirmation are right. Otherwise you need to send mail writing what is wrong. No changes are accepted till you receive an answer by EDEN staff or you receive an updated new order confirmation

In case you’d like to buy item not shown in our website, but in catalogue of the brands in Home Page you need to write us an mail with the required item.  We will send a form including all the item to be signed and sent by fax or mail in case you confirm.




Payment can be made by:

In case of Bank transfer you have an additional extra 4% discount. You find it in the basket..
  Extra 3% discount is valid only for bank transfer. We can’t apply it if you buy directly in our warehouse.
  If you make an order and put bank transfer, if you then contact us to change payment method into credit card, we cancel extra discount and we send you a new order confirmation. 


    • Paypal:  at the end of process order you will be redirected to paypal server for the payment.  You do not need a paypal account.
    • Cartasì virtual POS: you find a form to send back by mail or fax with your credit card details. It is valid only for Visa and Mastercard. 
We do not accept any other payment methods.



We deliver lamps by UPS Standard ,by DHL or by DPD.
You can check cost in Shipping Cost. Cost is for order, even if you buy 1 or many lamps.
Shipment is in one solution, including all the items put in the order.

The shipment is made to the address written in the order confirmation sent by email. Any change need to be notified by mail before we dispatch the order. It 'important we have a valid mobile phone number and an email address for delivery. 


If delivery is made by UPS, they  make 3 attempts to deliver; after them they return your order.If we receive back lamps for any reason without a return authorization number, we’ll ask you the payment for this return. You can check the cost  on  www.ups.com. The pricing listed is not subject to any type of negotiation.

If delivery is made by DHL, they make 2 attempts to deliver; after them, they stop delivery in storage. We need tehe payment of €20,00 for each parcel to unlock the delivery.



All items sold by EDEN 1971 S.R.L. are covered by manufacturer's standard warranty and by the 24 months legal warranty, accordingly
  - CONVENTIONAL MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: is provided in the manner described in the documents included in the item package..

The legal warranty can be exercised by private costumer, that is, by any person who buys products for purposes which are outside his trade or business. So it is not valid in order in which customer put Vat ID.
Legal warranty is 24 months and it is for lamp damaged, but installed and used properly, in compliance with the specifications in the technical documentation and installation instructions for its intended use.
Are not considered defects in components such as transformers, regulators, or intensity bulbs.

In case of lack of conformity:


Write to vendite@edenilluminazione.net including your Order number and invoice and explain the problem .

EDEN 1971 S.R.L. will solve the problem, removing the defect or providing a replacement.

EDEN 1971 S.R.L. will solve the problem in the following ways:
a. If the lamp manufacturer has assistance center worldwide , EDEN illuminazione will send authorization to contact your nearest assistance center to solve the problem.
If, after  inspection by an authorized service center the defect does not result as lack of conformity customer will have to pay check and repair costs and any transportation costs incurred by the service center (if supported by the center itself)

b. Sending of the component to be replaced, if it’s clear what is faulty

c. If it’s necessary to check which is the problem, customer needs to return the item in its original packaging and suitable for transportation. Customer needs to support delivery cost to return the item.

In this case, after you receive a return authorization number. Customer needs to send the item to

EDEN illuminazione



After checking and find the problem, EDEN 1971 S.R.L. will send a replacement lamp/spare part  supporting all delivery cost.

If the problem is not a lack of conformity, but an improper installation / use EDEN 1971 S.R.L. will write the cost to replace the lamp. 

If the customer  will not accept to replace or repait the item, item should be collected within 8 days after our communication. After it lamp will be scrapped.
The time required for the replacement depends on manufacturer time.
EDEN1971 S.R.L. has no responsability in case of delay

If, for any reason EDEN 1971 S.R.L. is unable to remove the defect or provide a replacement you are entitled to either receive a corresponding reduction in the purchase price or withdraw from the contract.

The warranty replacements are carried out only if payment is confirmed.
In the event of a dispute with Paypal open any replacement surgery will be performed prior to confirmation of payment.
As stated in these Terms and Conditions EDEN 1971 S.R.L. does not make any delivery in the absence of payment, also does not make any kind of warranty if the payment is somehow blocked by the customer.

Warranty doesn't cover bulbs, dimmer and ballast.




The right of withdrawal is exercised only by persons acting for purposes not related to professional activity. So customer with VAT ID in order can’t apply withdrawal right

 To exercise the withdrawal right :

* send within 14 days a registered letter with return receipt requested, stating your customer number, order number and description of the lamp for which you want tio apply withdrawal right. EDEN 1971 S.R.L. check your rewuest and send you a return Authorization Number.
* Products have not been installed
* Products are integral, working and in their original packaging, complete with all components and accessories. The packaging must be undamaged, all packaging. Including the internal ones  must be included. The lack / failure of any element of the package makes it impossible to exercise the withdrawal right.
* Send back the lamps with the same carrier it was delivered to you. We don’t accept return by post or SDA, this is for damage problems.


The  return shipment must be made within 10 days after Return Authorization Number to:


Customer needs to contact carrier and support all return costs.

CWhen we receive the parcel back we check everything is ok.



We don’t pay any return cost.

Avoid to write or fix any ticket on original package and put the original box into the EDEN box if your lamp was delivery inside EDEN packaging.

Put the Return Authorization number on the external EDEN packaging

In case of damage we write an email within 5 days including pictures of the damage so customer can call a damage practice with carrier.

If lamp is delivered broken or id doesn’t respect all conditions written here we don’t accept  the return so your withdrawal right is cancelled and lamp is closed to be collected. Customer needs to collect it within 8 days after our communication regarding damage or faulty lamp.

After it we destroy the lamp.

EDEN 1971 S.R.L. has no responsability in case  for theft / loss or damage if customer doesn’t insurance the return shipment.

If everything is ok we ask details to refund the payment.

If lamp returned is part of bigger order, in case customer has special extra discount for the bigger order, if cancelling the item order become less than the amount written in Terms & conditions to receive extra discount, customer loose this extra discount for the whole order.

So EDEN staff cancel the item in the order and then send a new order confirmation a refund then difference between the amount paid and the new total order confirmation 

If return is from not EU countries, customer needs to pay Vat and customs duties.

NB There is NO withdrawal right for items not  in our website, but customer requires them.



Any complaints must be submitted no later than 8 days of goods receipt, writing an email to vendite@edenilluminazione.net


All shipments are insured.
When you receive your order, check all lamps are included and they’re not damaged.


If you receive a damaged lamp, write us an email including pictures of the broken lamp within 8 daysAfter this deadline we don’t accept any claim regarding damage.

Pictures need to be taken into their original box.

We don’t accept damage claims:

- after lamps are installed.

- without pictures proving the damage

Don’t contact UPS regarding the damage.

We contact them after you send pictures of the broken lamp.

We will send a new lamp or replacement part to solve the damage. We don’t take in stock sparepart so we need to order to manufacturer. This can cause some days delay

The damaged lamp and its packaging (all packaging) must be stored for 4 weeks to allow the carrier to carry out any check.

In the event we need back the damaged lamp, we will forward instructions with a return authorization. We support all costs for it.

In case customer send the parcel back without any Return Authorization number we apply delivery cost as indicated in section  4.

We do not accept any claim regarding broken or not working bulbs (even if included by manufacturer) and power supplies sold separately.



If you receive lamp not in accordance  with your order (lamp different  than those ordered for  number and type or defective material or not working -which are not contained in the shipping damage)., write an email to vendite@edenilluminazione.net within 8 days
After this deadline  we will not accept any claim.
In case of complaints during the warranty period you must write to vendite@edenilluminazione.net as specified in section 5. WARRANTY
If customer cancels the payment we don’t accept any claim.

As stated in these Terms and Conditions EDEN 1971 S.R.L. does not dispatch any order if we haven’t receive the payment, so we donìt solve any problem or send any replacemnete part in case payment is cancelled.

In the case of Paypal claim, we will not send any replacement part till the claim is open as in case of paypal claim we don’t have the payment.